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Limited edition RED COLOURED VINYL incl. Download code for all tracks!
The Dark Pop anthem “Black”, off the German Charts TOP-5-Album “Leitbild” is the title track and starting point for Blutengel's brand-new mini-album, which also contains five new and previously unreleased songs from the Berlin-based group. It has become a sort of tradition that Blutengel always put out a second, companion-release of sorts, in the same year that they release an album. After the anthemic song “Black” quickly became a fan- and band-favorite on Blutengel's latest tour, Chris Pohl decided to build a mini-album, using it as a heart piece. The title song is a gripping fusion of the classic Eighties-Gothic-feeling with the trade- mark Blutengel-sound and is pretty much all that defines the group in a nutshell. The song is in- cluded in the album version and in 2 previously unreleased mixes. These are coupled with 5 new songs that effectively showcase the band's versatility. “Der letzte Kampf” (=the final battle) and “Komm zu mir” (=come to me) are classic Blutengel-hit-material: catchy, enthralling and full of atmosphere. “Blood Rain” whips up some hard electronica mixed with cutting guitar riffs into a searing club track while the symphonic waltz “Seele” (=soul) is one of the darkest songs the band has recorded in recent history, a tune that wouldn't feel out of place in a victorian gothic flick. “There's No Place” tops off the album with a strong, minimal Electro-Pop -sound. Blutengel play out all their strengths here, while also trying out something new, which makes “Black” an ideal companion piece to the group's latest album “Leitbild”... but one that can also full well stand on its own two feet. Everything is black!

01. Black
02. Komm zu mir!
03. There´s no Place
04. Seele
05. Blood Rain
06. Der letzte Kampf
07. Black (Alternative Mix)
08. Black (Trensity Mix)