[Label :INFRASTITION] Gothic-Dark Wave

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(ltd. ed. 300) Fifth album for the legendary 90ies Cold Wave act!
It’s been four years since ‘Leviathan’ and with ‘Process’, the artist willingly returns back in sound, closer to their early years on Lively Art (1990-1991)!
Also ‘Process’ is still concerned about daily changes, fears of tomorrow, the urge to survive. Jeanjean and Vincent K offer us 10 all new tracks (and two bonus mixes), more kickin’ and more melodic than ever, even if the voice still sometimes ends in these guts, grabbing and yelling, and this is what makes this new opus so appealing: The constant furor and the latent restlessness, that always distinguished Babel 17 since their beginning.
babel 17 was founded in the late 80s and their sound was influenced by coldwave, post punk, 80's pre-goth scene, industrial, EBM and minimal techno. After two very successful albums on the New Rose-sublabel Lively Art, the band split (mainly due to the bankrupcy of New Rose…).
Since their re-unification in 2009, the released 2 albums on Infrastition.

01. Into the Fire
02. What’s the Matter?
03. Progress
04. Battlefield
05. On Air
06. Fade in Time
07. Devotion
08. Waiting
09. Always on the Run
10. Etsaw Didros Bonus-tracks:
11. On air (Indus mix)
12. On the Run again