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Brand new album by US based electron artist „Ruined Conflict“. A massive blend of nostalgic 80s sound with catchy melodies and the outstanding voice by mastermind Xavier Morales. Future pop meets electronic wave influenced by both 80s and 90s! "This album is an audio representation of self-reflection, acceptance, and the feeling of standing above it all - with a haunting undertone...a ghost in the peripherals. Classic sounds, instruments, and elements influenced by '80 era electronic and alternative memories are balanced with thick modern rhythms and clarity. Rendering a nostalgic analog synth-pop sound impact - an electronic wave. In the shadow of a fallen sun, one must stand Triumphant."
Another must have album for all fans of bands like VNV Nation, Assemblage 23, Neuroticfish or Frozen Plasma!

01. Endless
02. Reflection
03. Era
04. Fallen Champions
05. Divide & Conquer
06. Endless Motion
07. Mainstream Corruption
08. Taken
09. Arcangel
10. Electronic Wave
11. Last Empire
12. Horizon
13. Underworld
14. No Response