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Thomas Leer is a key figure in the British electronic and Industrial scene. His album "The Bridge" (with Robert Rental), was released by Industrial Records in 1979 and is today seen as a landmark album from that era. Thomas later went on to record more pop influenced music with releases such as "Contradictions" on Cherry Red and "The Scale of Ten" on Arista.
In the second half of the 1980s he formed the duo Act together with Propaganda's Claudia Brücken. From time to time, Thomas Leer surprises his fans with new music, sometimes also with archive stuff.
The album "1979", originally available as a digital download only on his bandcamp page, presents his earliest explorations into the world of electronics. These earliest songs have previously never seen the light of day and are being included for the first time ever on CD, collected, mastered, and with a 14th bonus track that wasn't available on the digital release.

01. Semi Detatched Suicide
02. Torment Weekly
03. Surprising Variations
04. Crossmaglen
05. Fixed Focus
06. Structures
07. Monorail
08. Back of the Mind
09. High Rise
10. Urbain
11. Crouch End
12. Never met an Actress
13. Ad Astra
14. Sleepless Nights