[Label :SONIC SEDUCER] Gothic-Dark Wave

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Sonic Seducer issue 05/2017 contains a 12-page title story about Rammstein with a world-friendly Rammstein interview. Paul Landers reveals, among other things. First details on the upcoming album, and "Rammstein: Paris" director Jonas Åkerlund has his say!
In addition: 4 pages new interviews with Martin Gore and Andrew Fletcher from Depeche Mode and impressions from the exclusive Depeche Mode concert at Funkhaus Berlin, interviews with Welle: Erdball, Stahlmann, DIVE, Palast, The Birthday Massacre, Blutengel, etc, plus a CD with 16 songs.

Tracklist "Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 187":
01. Corvus Corax feat. Alea von Saltatio Mortis und Johannes Stecker - Der Fluch des Drachen: Das Abenteuer vom Schmied Adamas [exklusiv vorab]
02. Motionless In White - LOUD (Fuck It)
03. Merciful Nuns - Eternal Decay
04. Holygram - Still There
05. Elane - More Stars Shine On Earth
06. Shock Therapy - I Never Asked For This
07. Centhron - Allvater
08. Reptil - Reptoil, Inc.
09. Metroland - Cube (Millimetric Remix)
10. Eden weint im Grab - Bon Voyage (Ein sonderbares Begräbnis)
11. Saint Astray - Abyss
12. Herzparasit - Tastsinn
13. M. W. Wild - The Third Decade (Tom O Connell Soulsafer Remix)
14. Waiting In Vain - Va Piano
15. X-O-Planet - Exoplanet
16. Vergil - Taken Under