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<1979> started in the late 90s as the experimental playground for Frequen-C from Leipzig. He quickly made himself a name as a DIY bedroom producer, releasing numerous cassettes, CD-Rs and download tracks over the years in the best old-fashioned tape sce ne tradition.
Throughout the 2000s he continually appeared live in smaller venues, but the gigs took on a more serious nature and reached larger audiences after playing the Schlagstrom! Fes- tival in 2007. In 2009 <1979> was joined by DrMOllE and since operates as a duo. “FM Interface” oscillates between old school and new school, between rawness and simplicity and a more modern sound design.
The album somehow falls into two parts: The first half seems to present the sonic weaponry of <1979> through simple, sketch-type tracks. The second half of “FM Interface” discloses a decidedly different approach, starting with “Can you feel the daylight”, a complex midtempo clubtrack with all the variation, breaks and shifts that you need to get the crowds going. And <1979> now put to use their full arsenal of noises and rhythmic structures: “All Notes Off” is directly aimed at dancefloors, and “Go back Freak” even has the machines getting into the groove, due to the remixing efforts of fellow Leipzig musician Daniel Myer aka Architect aka Haujobb! “Metall und Technik” finally is a vigorous Industrial Hardcore track that will rock the moshpits. The short “Angst Rhythmus” and the closing title “Multiply Exibit” close the album in the more simplified, loop-based style. “FM Interface” is definitely a rare occurrence, after such a long period of maturation and growth, quite unusual for today’s Electro Industrial scene – but the result, with its entertaining ideas, its timeless sound and the peculiar concept really proves the waiting worthwhile. The overall sound of “FM Interface” is strangely warm and pleasant to the ears of anyone who brings along a know- ledge of - and love for - the Rhythm’n’Noise style.

01. Breakbit
02. 3 Miles Island
03. Lost in Rhythem
04. Some Chords
05. Digital Trash
06. 140 2 0
07. Alkaline
08. Can you feel the Daylight
09. All Notes off
10. After then before
11. Go back Freak
12. Metall und Technik
13. Angst Rhythmus
14. Multiply Exibit