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After 2 years of wait, we are finally able and happy to announce the all new, 4th album ‘Activate the Machinez’ by [x]-Rx.
During this period of ‘silence’, [x]-Rx didn’t lay back and relax, but successfully toured the (almost) entire globe, and reached a status, that they were always eager to reach: On Top of the worldwide international Industrial Techno Scene! Also on their latest album, [x]-Rx remain true to their trademark sound, but after the Success of the track ‘Push It’ (from the previous album ‘Update 3.0’), that for the first time included real vocals, [x]-Rx decided to develop this element further, without going against the original style of the project.
As always with [x]-Rx: Expect anything from this new album but compromises! Or how the project puts it in their own words: ‘We want Blood on the dancefloor…!’

01. Fear, Destruction, Machines (intro)
02. Escalate
03. Hard Bass Hard Soundz
04. Activate the Machinez
05. Die Hölle auf Erden
06. Blood on the Dancefloor
07. Hit the Drums
08. Sadistortion
09. Untot
10. Höllenburger
11. Kein Herz
12. Pervertiert