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They have become exceedingly rare, these icons, these muses, these vamps. Whatever happened to times like the sixties and seventies when women like Nico inspired not only Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground but a whole generation of artists; when art was more than the mere outcome of a creative period?
Where have they gone, these apparitions on whose lips we hung, whom we beheld in utter marvel?
Oh, they still exist, to be sure. And with Tying Tiffany, one of them even found her home in the goth scene. She has achieved more or less everything: successful DJ, treasured catwalk model, muse to countless artists – Tying Tiffany embodies a rare mixture of breath- taking beauty and exuberant talent which turns her into a dangerous yet tempting weapon. She proved what she was capable of with her last album, ‘Peoples Temple’.
Now, the Italian icon advances one step further and offers ‘Dark Days, White Nights’, the most fascinating journey yet into her shimmering personality. Again, all it needs are the first few bars of the sensational opener ‘New Colony’ for one to drown entirely in the world of this extraordinary talent.
Mesmerizing, hypnotic rhythms are joined by a melody which has the innocence of a children’s lullaby, graced by Tiffany’s clear-as-a-bell voice… these sounds are not of this world!
Even more so than ‘Peoples Temple’, ‘Dark Days, White Nights’ is a magical and completely flawless work which unites an authentic eighties post-punk atmosphere in the style of Siouxsie And The Banshees with contemporary, hot-blooded new wave sophistication and a sort of alternative enchantment which is only to be found in acts such as IAMX or The Jezabels.
This is how musical worlds join hands in a dance through white nights!
Still, Tying Tiffany would not be Tying Tiffany were she to leave it at that: both vocally and lyrically she delivers a stunning work appropriate to her status as one of the scene’s biggest talents and yet retains a certain juvenile, innocent streak which only serves to make her entire persona even more interesting.
‘Dark Days, White Nights’ is musical sensuality; a passionate promise for an unforgettable night.

01. New Colony
02. Dark Day
03. Drownin
04. Sinistral
05. She never dies
06. Universe
07. Unleashed
08. 5 AM
09. Lepers of the Sun
10. White Night