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This CD got 5 tracks between 5:47 and 29:20 minutes running time.
These are in details:
'Dr. Blofeld and the Waldorf pupils': this is the result of extensive playing around with a Waldorf Blofeld Synth and an Arpeggiator. Powerfull, dynamic electronic music in the spirit of Berlin School. (Waldorf Schule: is the German name for Rudolf Steiner School,so this title is just a little pun)
'Tears of Joy': in this 6-minutes introduction Max "maxxess" Schiefele lets his guitar sing to melt  the audience away. But attention - after this long intro a beat in the style of "Schiller" starts  - anyway, distinctively PP.
'Lichtermeer': not only the longest track with 29:20 but as well  the most diversified one. Live recorded during the PP concert in Bochum Planetarium 2010. Sequenzes, Melodies, Beats and Synth FX, what could the heart desire more?...
'Random Event Reloaded': a hit from 2001 refreshed 2011. 10 years after its first release we put some effort on it again at the computer and rerecorded this most often live played song. In result a tremendously powerfull and rousing version of this classic track came into new existence.
'5vor12': a worty conclusion of the album - as well recorded live 2010 at Planetarium Bochum. This once more is a summary of all that is the core of PP sound, flavoured with Max`unequalled emotional guitar.
(Axel Stupplich 2011, translation: Kilian Schloemp-Uelhoff 2011)

01. Dr. Blofeld and the Waldorf pupils
02. Tears of Joy
03. Lichtermeer
04. Random Event Reloaded
05. 5vor12