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PAKT is: Chris Ruiz and Gio van Oli, two Electro-veterans that will probably ring a bell with most people close to the scene. PAKT is: darn stirring music probing the frontiers of EBM and Electro-Pop. PAKT is: heart, voice and mayhem. Right on time for their debut gig at the M’Era Luna Festival in August 2011, PAKT are dishing up their first single “Freiheit”, an electronic anthem that unleashes an onslaught of sly grins, massive bass, friendly aggression, ironic paroles and catchy melodies on a society that is going increasingly soft in the head. A dance-floor-compatible coup that encourages thinking and is perfect for letting go, singing along and going wild, “Freiheit” comes as a massive single version and in two clubby remixes. The “Freiheit”-single is topped-off with the mighty b-side smasher “Angriff.” It is time for a friendly takeover. It is time for … the PAKT! Don’t dream it, be it!

01 Freiheit
02 Angriff
03 Freiheit (Robert Görl remix by Robert Görl/DAF)
04 Freiheit (Gummi-Drum-remix by G.Thomas of FUNKER VOGT)
05 Freiheit (Freiheit und Gerechtigkeit rework by FORMALIN)