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This is the limited edition that comes with the movie (DVD), the soundtrack plus and extra DVD with bonus material.

2010: Kicking off the new decade, Welle: Erdball strike again and present a new meaning of the infamous term “concept album”. After their latest album “Chaos Total” which entered the german official charts effortlessly and after their latest single release “Ich bin aus Plastik!” (#1 in the German Alternative Charts), Welle: Erdball broadcast their looooong announced epic movie “Operation: Zeitsturm” together with the accompanying soundtrack. “Operation: Zeitsturm” is the first true movie of and for a whole musical genre. In three years, the band has realized their self-written screenplay, featuring renowned actors – somewhere between “Indiana Jones” and “Back to the Future”.
The movie soundtrack alone is a whole new studio album featuring 15 tracks! Starting March 2010, Welle: Erdball present their new concepts in cinemas and on stage: time travels, 50ies feeling, analogue sounds, Commodore C64, German lyrics, “Neue Deutsche Welle” rhythms and true new wave style – this is Welle: Erdball in sound and vision!

CD 'The Soundtrack':
01. Jarre-Intro
02. Operation: Zeitsturm
03. Wir sind die Maschinen
04. Zurück zum Start
05. Zeitstrangveränderung
06. Die Zeitmaschine
07. Die falsche Front
08. Marie-Sophies Reise
09. Geld regiert die Welt
10. Die Stunde: NULL (C=64)
11. Wir spielen Gott
12. Chaos Total²³ (...und dahinter Gott)
13. Wizard of Wor (erste Version)
14. Lebendig begraben
15. Die Zauberfee

The Movie

DVD2 (only in this limited edition):
- The making of 'Operation: Zeitsturm'
- photo galleries
- various trailers
- various show reels

(Both Film and Bonus-DVD are in PAL, Region Code free (code ‘0’), Stereo. The Film is in 16:9, the bonus-DVD in 4:3 Regular)