[Label :ECHOZONE] Industrial Rock

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[die!] and ex-Megaherz singer Matze 'Jablonski' Elsholz worked on this album for nearly 3 years. The result is an album that is very honest, down to earth and uncompromising. It is a piece of German industrial rock music that really pushes its way forward. [die!] did always show that they have a strong will and that they have a lot of stamina. However, their new album really shows how much potential this band has. The lyrics deal with the insanity of society that we come across every day as well as the inconsistency of the people that is somehow omnipresent.
On 'Still' the band shows that Industrial-Metal with German lyrics and with its brute intensity can also contain some irony and makes [die!] stand out from bands like Rammstein, Eisbrecher and Oomph! who all come from the same genre.

01 Schöner Schein
02 Daumenlutscher
03 Lüg mich an
04 Herzlos
05 Durch den Wind
06 Prügelknabe
07 Dam Dam (Marmor, Stein und Eisen)
08 Jeder mit Jedem
09 Tiefer Schmerz
10 Still!
11 Teufelswerk
12 Kadavergehorsam
13 Alles in einen Topf
14 Mein letzter Wille