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Chemnitz-based artist Pedro Engel strikes back with a powerful 3rd album. With the promising title of "The Enemy", Acylum's new CD has all features to be elected best dark elektro album of the year, blowing away all standards of the genre. Distancing himself even more from the myriads of Hellektro clones, Acylum takes its very own dark elektro style and throws it onto the battlefield, facing the enemy without any compromise. The assault is relentless with solid harsh beats, hammering drums, "punch-in-your-face" provocative lyrics, massive orchestral arrangements and intense harsh vocals.
On this new CD, Acylum shouts his hate out and loud against humanity's sickest sides and chases his own personal demons. Battle after battle, song after song ("Achh", The Enemy", "Torture Tactics", .), Acylum reveals his ascending power, excelling as usual on what he enjoys calling his "anti-club songs". These massive mid-tempo multi-layered tracks mix dark noise, dramatic heavy electronics and melodic moments. In his continuous sound progression and quest for new inspirations, Acylum also focuses on intelligent contrasts and challenging opposites, adding the unique female vocals of Nadine "Cooraz" Hagenbeck (Haushetaere) who at special moments reinforces melodies and adds a dramatic tone to Acylum's apocalyptic tunes.
Male and female vocal duets reach devastating heights on songs like "Zyclon B", "Kategorie C" or the brilliant pearl "Lightning Child", Acylum's most contagious song to date! As if returning victorious from the electro/industrial warfare was not enough,  Acylum raises a sign here with "Raise Your Fist", an instant raging club hit that will trigger a tsunami effect on the dancefloors all over the world.
Throughout his 3 albums, the East- German act  Acylum has gained much in sound identity and production maturity and has grown today into a dominating force on the dark electronic scene. No compromise, no failure. The  Acylum war-machine is marching your way, raise your fist and join the master on his raging ascension. Beware: "The Enemy" album holds harsher and darker material than any previous releases in the genre, beating :Wumpscut: and even Suicide Commando's respective early work.

01 The Enemy (Kopf durch die Wand)
02 Raise your Fist
03 Hetzjagt
04 Torture Tactics
05 Crazy
06 Lightning Child
07 ES
08 Zyklon B
09 A.C.H.H. (vs.HausHetaere)
10 Run Away
11 Wynard
12 SchmerzPervers
13 Kategorie C
14 Drive By