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Breakdown of the club scene? The good old EBM bands have run out of gas? Total damage of the most electronic music labels and their programs, if you have a closer look?
A.D.A.C. 828 and the ADAC (General German Automobile Association) have about as much in common as binge drinking and pre-birth gymnastics. However, A.D.A.C. 828 will provide quick and reliable remedy... against the blahs coming from the bass box, against boredom in Electro-Germany!
After their great debut with 'Straight On' and remixes for their Belgian fellows Ionic Vision and Darkmen, the four A.D.A.C. 828 guys from Holzdorf in Saxony-Anhalt strike again with a new album and they strike really hard with at least 120 bpm.
They have knowingly placed the cornerstones of their music, Oldschool EBM and Electropunk, far from each other so that there was enough space to let off steam than it is common in this genre: The vocal shouts are clear and come about in two voices and three languages. The sound structures are made from steel, once simple and functional, then double-welded and dangerously barbed. The mood changes from playful to aggressive and sometimes there is a violent fight which comes along with slaughtering sequencer sounds and kicking drums. Without obsessively counting Without obsessively counting on the common cliches, the 'Boys from the Factory' of 'Love, Hate n Rage' combine everything that the hard-boiled EBM front expects from a modern EBM production, and even more, for example a pinch of the real Swedish feeling.
01. Full Tilt
02. Fightnight
03. Love Hate Rage and Paerling Rain
04. Things I Hate
05. Sport Frei
06. 3ww
07. Deepred Dream
08. Imitator
09. Slav Det Arbete
10. Keine Kontrolle
11. Sex Without Kisses
12. Stuntman Mike
13. Eisern Union
14. Unknown