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After the recently released A7IE album 'Distress' (one of the bestselling debuts in harsh electro for years here!), here comes yet another Highly Recommended 'newcomer' in brutal and ill-natured industrial-electro!
acylum’s debut was already quite a success in the underground scene, but their all new, 2nd album 'Mental Disorder' offers an even higher density of potential electro/industrial hits with provocative vocals and controversy samples!
The duo P. Engel (music, sounds) and K. Arnold (vocals) from Chemnitz / Germany produced a real Terror-CD which is bound to conquer the clubs worldwide in a glimpse of time. Hard beats, brutal industrialsounds and gloomy melodies are the highlights on this album.
With this release Acylum place themselves on top of the harsh electro-scene!
Mental Disorder also contains 3 remixes by Accessory, Xentrifuge and Wynardtage!!!

01 Ruthless Aggressions
02 Rape
03 Glock 17
04 Face to Face
05 Alone
06 Mental Disorder
07 Primary Road
08 Anaesthetic Effect
09 Hunger
10 Your Devotion
11 Fatal Decrease
12 Fatal Conclusion
13 Primary Road (Xentrifuge remix)
14 Hunger (Accessory remix)
15 Glock 17 (Wynardtage Remix)