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'Behind the Wheel'.
With articles of Barry Gifford + David Perry, Coop, Patricia Piccinini, Betsabee Romero, Rafael Canogar.
Contributors: Abraham Santana, Angel Calvo, Cre 8614, David Pujol, IDEOlab, Gummo & Gomma, Mirafiori, Sergio Pilamidessi, Nuno Valerio, Copyright Magazine, Bastian Thies, Anna Bru and many more...
"The greatest invention ever... Or maybe! The wheel! Skates, cars, trucks, motorcycles, bycicles, etc... All moves fast and if not we add some wheels and let's run! World is getting smaller under our wheels."

Size 210 x 200 mm.
124 pages printed in full colour.
English and Spanish texts.