With 'Nihilist Militant', Kazeria gathers a retrospective and very personal material. All tracks (or "explorations") are unedited and they were recorded between 2003-2007, pretty earlier to the formation of the project and on “a troubled personal time; one of militant nihilism” according to [S] own words. Neither hi-tech nor hi-fi were used in here. Back at that time [S] employed worn and minimal gear, using primitive recording technics (hand-manipulation, mostly) in order to create "old school" and minimalistic industrial, black / dark ambient and noise but including many elements that can be recognized on Kazeria´s later works.

01. Kälte - Baltikum
02. Evrazia Regnat
03. Lost Wolves
04. Marsch des Toten
05. ONT
06. Satanpolitik
07. Irminsul
08. Letzte Übertragung

(This news was published on miércoles 26 julio, 2017.)